Teton County 4-H Clubs

Challenging Champs Kelsy Diekhans
  Leona Somerfeld
Eager Eagles Kelly DeBruycker
Old Agency Carli Neal
  Janelle Tschida
Prairie Stars Marla Holmquist
Rocky Mountain Top Shots Brian Bedord
Spring Creek Jo Lynn Miller
  Susan Snyder
Teton County 4-H Horse Club Samantha Brooks
  Salina deVos


Contact the MSU Extension in Teton County Officer or visit MSU  Extension Publications to find out about the the resources below.

Club Officer Resources: 

Montana 4-H Youth Officer Training
Montana 4-H President and Vice President's Book
So, You are Historian of Your 4-H Club
Montana 4-H Secretary's Handbook
Montana 4-H Treasurer's Book
4-H News Reporter Handbook 

Club Resources: 

4-H Club Roll Call Ideas
Montana 4-H Leaders' Handbook
Getting Started as 4-H Project Leader
New 4-H Family Handbook
Yearly 4-H Club Program Plan

Parliamentary Procedure: 

Parliamentary Practice for 4-H