Print the Record Book Quality Checklist


4-H Club:_________________________________________

Ribbon Placement Criteria:

96-100% = Purple

90-95% = Blue

80-90% = Red

0-80% = White

Criteria Expectations Suggested Point Value Points Earned Comments
  • Relative to age
  • Consistent color of pen or pencil
  • Neat corrections
  • Pages clean and unwrinkled


  •  Attempt to complete all records
  • Relevant narrative and pictures
  • Original thoughts and writing included
  • Information from 4-H and non-4-H activities recorded clearly


Organization & Order
  •  Tabs to designate/separate years in 4-H
  • Suggested order: 
    • My 4-H Year
    • Non-Animal Project Journal and Financial Record
    • Animal Project Journal ad Financial Record 
  • Keep Project & Financial Journal and Animal Journal together for same project.


4-H Involvement
  • Documented in record book: attendance at club meetings, fair, other county and state events.

Community Services & Extra Activities

  •  4-H, church, school, scouts, family, service projects, donations of time and money recorded accurately.

Non-Animal & Animal Project Journal & Financial Record

  • Three goals and results.
  • Thoroughness.
  • SeNquential development.
  • Pictures of the specific project.
Financial Journal
  • Accuracy of financial records.
  • Thoroughness.
    • List costs of supplies at market value.
    • Include all income and expenses.
      • Premiums earned count as income.
      • Expenses may be list of basic ingredients and costs – cost of bag of flour, bag of chocolate chips, etc. The groceries in your cupboard cost something.
      • Feed expenses for animals should be included and assessed at the market value, even when using family owned feed. Veterinary expenses, travel to meetings, registration fees, etc.
      • All projects likely cost something.
My 4-H Year
  • List at least three goals for 4-H year and results.
  • Include current photo of 4-H member.
  • Appropriate signatures included.
Total Points Earned        
Ribbon Placing:        





Approved by: ___________________________________________________Date: ____________________


4-Hers must COMPLETE their record books according to the completion criteria or they will not be allowed to exhibit or sell any item at the following Teton County 4-H Fair. Record books are used to determine years completed in 4-H. The number of years a 4-H member has completed may affect scholarship selection results.