Boe Brothers Scholarship Application




The Boe Brothers Foundation 4-H/FFA Scholarship was established in 1994.  The original Boe Brothers’ Trust developed a unique relationship between Teton County FFA Chapters, the Teton County 4-H program, and the College of Agriculture at Montana State University-Bozeman.  Three scholarships are awarded annually in the amounts of $10,000, $5,000 and $2,000.  The $10,000 and $5,000 scholarship will be awarded to students attending Montana State University-Bozeman and will be paid to Montana State University-Bozeman in equal installments for 8 semesters, as long as the student is enrolled and attending Montana State University-Bozeman and meets the eligibility requirements.    The $2,000 scholarship will be paid in one lump sum to any post-secondary learning institution of the recipient's choice; however, students must contact the institution regarding the payment schedule.


Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Scholarship awards will be based on the applicant’s character, leadership and citizenship in school, FFA chapter and/or 4-H club, and community activities, financial standing and future goals for the use of their education.
  • The Boe Brothers Foundation 4-H/FFA Scholarship is available to a high school graduate.
  • Applicants must be actively engaged members of 4-H and/or FFA in Teton County.
  • The recipient must attend Montana State University-Bozeman as a full-time student to receive the top two scholarship awards. The $2000 scholarship recipient does not have to attend Montana State University-Bozeman.
  • The applicant must be going into an agricultural-related field or other field which will allow them to remain in and serve a rural area.
  • The students receiving these scholarships must maintain a minimum 2.8 grade point average (GPA) during college to continue to receive the scholarship.


For your convenience, applications are available in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format at or by contacting


Application Deadline:

The application must be postmarked or received in the Teton County Extension Office no later than Tuesday March 31, 2020, to be eligible for consideration.  Please confirm the receipt of your application by contacting the MSU Teton County Extension Office.  Office hours for the Teton County Extension Office are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. -12 p.m. and 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.


Submit documents to: MSU Teton County Extension Office

                                    P.O. Box 130

                                    1 Main Ave South (Courthouse)

                                    Choteau, MT 59422




Application Instructions:

  • Read the entire form before completing the application. All applications must be typed.  Use a separate page for each question or statement.  Respond to all questions and statements fully and completely.  Use 12-point font and double-spacing.
  • Check application for accuracy, completeness and neatness. Seek help from others in proofreading the information for mistakes and suggestions for improvement.  Please include one hard copy of the application.  You should include ONE sealed set of reference letters, which will be reproduced for selection committee.
  • Include a cover letter with the application and supporting documents. You should research about completing job applications, résumé building, and job interviewing to help you successfully complete the application. Address the letter to the Boe Brothers 4-H/FFA Scholarship Selection Committee, P.O. Box 130, Choteau, MT 59422. 
  • The budget should clearly show how you will meet all your expenses. A good reference is Montguide MT 199703HR, “Developing a Spending Plan.”  If you received scholarship information, the MontGuide was included in the packet.  You can obtain it from the MSU Extension in Teton County Office.  Include all anticipated expenses, such as personal and recreational expenditures, travel money, along with the textbook and tuition costs.  Start with the estimated expenses which are put out by the University.  Be realistic with income and expense estimates.  Also include how this scholarship would affect your budget.  Remember that the $10,000 and $5,000 scholarships require attendance at MSU-Bozeman and not any other MSU-affiliated school.
  • Application Guidelines: This application will be a minimum of nine pages and a maximum of 13 pages. 
    • The first page will be a cover letter.
    • The second page will be the signature page (page 3 of this application).
    • The third page will be the candidate’s transcripts.
    • Pages four through nine will be responses to the questions attached – one response on each page. Applicants should address each question on a separate page.  They are reminded to utilize the space provided on each page.
    • Pages 10 and 11 will be pictures. Three pictures will be allowed on each page, for a total of six pictures, with a caption of up to 50 words for each picture.  These are optional pages. 
    • Pages 12 and 13 will be two reference letters from individuals that can speak to the candidate’s leadership characteristics developed in 4-H or FFA. Provide only one set of reference letters which your reference should enclose in a sealed envelope.  We will make additional copies of the letters for your complete packet. 


Signature Page



Please feel free to replicate this form on your computer.  Be sure to include all the information below.


Name:_________________________________ Date of Birth: _________________________

Present Address: _________________________ Telephone: ________________________

City/State: ______________________________            Zip Code: _____________________

Institution you plan to attend:________________________________________________

Name, Address and occupation of Parents/Guardians:

_______________________________________      _________________________________                                   Name                                                                Name

_______________________________________      ______________________________________

                        Address                                                             Address

_______________________________________      ______________________________________

                        Address                                                            Address

_______________________________________       _____________________________________                        Occupation                                                    Occupation

High School Name:____________________________________________________________


Dates of Membership in FFA or 4-H Program: ________________________________



We certify that all information given on this application is true, correct and complete to the best of our knowledge.



Signature of Applicant                                                                      Date



Signature of Applicant’s Parent                                                        Date


Signature of Applicant’s Parent                                                         Date                             


Signature of FFA Advisor or Extension Agent                                   Date



Include a copy of your academic transcript of your grades from high school and college, if applicable. Make sure the grading scale is included on the transcript(s). This is page three of your application.


On separate pages, respond to each of the following questions or statements. These are pages four through nine of your application.  All applicants need to fill out questions A - F.  Place the scholarship you are seeking in the income portion.

A.  Prepare an estimated budget, showing all income and expenses for all years you plan to attend college. For income, include items such as wages from job, work study, parents' contributions, savings, and other scholarships.  You should include the $10,000 scholarship at the rate of $1,250.00 per semester if applying for the MSU-Bozeman scholarships.  If applying for the $2,000 scholarship, please build a budget based on that amount. On the expense side, include items such as tuition, books, room, board and personal expenses. 

B.  Establish your need for this scholarship. Include the number and ages of dependents living at home, family situations, and special conditions which should be considered.

C.  Discuss how your major study will benefit a rural community.

D.  What short-term and long-term career and personal goals will this scholarship help you attain?

E.  How have you and others benefited by your involvement in 4-H and/or FFA?

F.  List school and civic activities. Include involvement within the activity such as office held, honors received, major club or chapter activities participated in, chapter or club responsibilities, etc.


Use two pages of your application for pictures. These should demonstrate your leadership development in FFA or 4-H.  There should be three pictures on each page, with up to 50-word captions for each picture.  These are pages 10 and 11 in your application.


Provide two reference letters from individuals who can discuss your leadership characteristics. These should be submitted in envelopes sealed by the references.  These are pages 12 and 13.

Please note:  An effort will be made to keep information confidential, but it will be sent electronically to a scoring panel.