The 2021 Teton County 4-H Fair will be held on June 23-26. 

Teton County 4-H Market Livestock Auction 

Saturday, June 26 at 7 p.m.
Live at the Weathterbeater in Choteau and simulcast online.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Who Can Bid/Buy?

Any business or consumer can participate in the Teton County 4-H Livestock Auction by registering online at or at the Weatherbeater Arena in Choteau at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 26.

Who sells the animals?

4-H youth, between the ages of 8-19, raise the market livestock that are for sale to the highest bidder at the auction.  4-H members in Teton County can enter two animals (of differenct species) in the fair.  They may only sell one, unless their other animal earns a grand or reservce champion award, in which case they can sell two animals.  

What if I don’t want a whole animal? 

Buyers may work together to buy an animal and then split the costs and the meat.  if you only want a quarter, you will need to work with three other buyers and agree on a price to bid.  Simply let us know who all the buyers are, so we can notify the 4-H livestock producer and acknowledge all buyers.  The Teton County 4-H Livestock Committee and Extension Office does not assist with pairing buyers or splitting product.  Find a friend or two who want to share in the cost and split accordingly.

What do I do with the animal when I buy it? 

All animals are shipped to processors arranged by the Teton County 4-H Livestock Committee.  In 2021, all beef will go to Vandevanter Meats in Columbia Falls and all swine, lambs, and goats will go to Bear Paw Meats in Chinook. Shipping is covered by the 4-H members and Teton County 4-H Livestock Committee. 

Which animal do I buy? 

Buyers are welcome to bid on any animal they choose.  Buyers sometimes come with a 4-H member in mind whose animal they want to purchase.  It is best to have a few animals in mind, if looking to fell the freezer, in case you are outbid. 

How are the animals bid?  

The auctioneers use the conventional method of taking the highest bid.  Bids are made in even dollar amounts and are bid on the animal by the pound live weight.

The animals will be led through the sale ring by the 4-H member and buyers who are in the building can bid.  Buyers who are joining through simulcast will see the 4-H member and animal in the ring and can bid online.  We have a live auctioneer, Ryan Perry, and Collins Auction Service will be managing the simulcast/online portion of the sale.

What if I cannot be present during the Auction? 

If you wish to have someone place a bid for you, you may have someone bid as your proxy.  We have example proxy sheets available.  Be sure to indicate which 4-H member's animal you wish to bid on and your maximum price.  Make sure you and your proxy are clear.  If you need a proxy bidder, email  Be sure to have your proxy share you contact information.  Our 4-H members, processors and office need your contact information to complete the processes. 

When do I pay for my animals?  

Buyers may pay at the close of the sale, or as soon thereafter as possible. Prompt payment is expected and appreciated.  Jerry Collins Auctions will clerk the sale in 2021 and they do accept credit card payments.  

What are my costs? 

You pay the dollar amount of your bid multiplied by the live wieight of the animal.  Teton County 4-H Livestock Committee has set maximum weights and, if the animal is over the maximum weight, the buyer only pays up to the maximum weight.  Maximum weights are:
Swine:  310 lbs.
Beef:  1500 lbs.
Lambs:  150 lbs.
Goat:  120 lbs.

For example, if a market beef weighs 1700 lbs., the buyer only pays for the maximum weight of 1500 lbs., but still received the whole product. 

How much does processing cost? 

Beef will go to Vandevanter Meats, which is a state-inspected facility.

Their charges are:  

Harvest fee:  $125 

Processing:  $.80/pound hanging or rail weight. 

Swine, lamb and goats will be processed at Bear Paw Meats, which is a state-inspected facility.  Fees will be updated as soon as they are available.

Their charges are:  

Harvest fee:  $65 

Processing:  $.95/pound hanging or rail weight.   

Curing $.95/pound rail weight. 

Delivery Fee to Great Falls:  $10/person  

There is some variability with yield, so please understand that total projected costs are estimates.  Buyers pay processors directly for their work.   

Vandevanter Meats will deliver processed meat to Choteau free of charge. 

Bear Paw Meats will deliver processed meat to Great Falls for a $10/ invoice charge. 

Each processor will contact buyers to notify them when their meat is ready and when/where the delivery will be.  Buyers who cannot retrieve their meat at either location on delivery day must work with processors to make other arrangements.

Donate your beef, swine, lamb or goat: 

You can opt to pay the full amount for your animal and donate it to either the Teton County Food Pantry or the Fairfield Food Pantry.  Food pantries are requesting processing costs be part of your donation.  Please declare your donation at the time of the sale.

For more information: 

Contact the MSU Extension Teton County Office at 406-466-2492 or email