Thank you for judging at the Teton County Fair.

Following is a simple checklist to help you. If you have questions, please ask a member of the Extension Office for assistance.

Smile at 4-Hers.

  • Greet 4-Hers and introduce yourself.
  • Be sure all exhibits in your division/class are judged.
  • Assign a placing – blue, red, white. Attach stickers to the entry tag.
  • Instruct 4-Her to place exhibit in an appropriate spot according to division and class. You may save potential award winners on table in center aisle to review later.
  • Keep notes on outstanding exhibits as you proceed.
  • When interviews conclude, you tag.
  • Mark placing on the 4-Her’s entry form and send the entry sheet with the member. Please tell 4-Hers that they can collect ribbons and premiums when leaving the Pavilion.
  • If time allows, write comments on the sheets provided. You may save this task to do when you have a slow time.
  • When interviews conclude, you will need to pick a top winner in each class to receive a rosette. As well, you will need to pick one top winner in each division who will receive an award. You will need to consult with any other judges in the division to select a winner.
  • Complete the rosette and award sheet. Confer with a member of the Extension Office with your results before you leave.
  • Smile! You’ve made a difference in youth education.