Print 4-H Project Interview Sheet


4-H Project Interview Sheet
 Criteria Excellent Good Fair Needs to Improve
General Appearance:
Posture, appropriate dress, visible distractions
Interview Presence:
Makes eye contact, speaks clearly and loud enough to be heard, pleaseant attidtude
Answer to the Following Questions:

What goals did you set for yourself in the project or activity, and do you feel you accomplished them?

Did you share your knowledge and skills in this project with others, or did the activity benefit others?        
What was the most challenging or hardest part of this project?        
What is your favorite part of this project?        
Project Knowledge        

Comments from Judge:


Things you did best:



Things to improve:



Guide for Rating:

Final project is of excellent qualtiy for the age and project level of member

High qualtiy, meets standards, well done, great learning experience

Final project is of good quality but will improve with increased skill development

Meets standards, average qualtiy, good learning experience

Final product shows the member is beginning to develop necessary skills, but will produce a better qualtiy prodect with further practice

Does not meet standards, low quality, needs improvement, learning experience questionable