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4-H Textile Score Card
 Criteria Needs Improvement
Very Good


Self Esteem
Appears awkward or
uncomfortable when
presenting garment.
Additional practice will help increase 

Presents garment
with some
enthusiasm and poise. Limited facial

Confident. Poised and graceful with good posture. Appropriate
use of gestures and facial expressions.

Exhibits confidence. Self-assured. Models garment to its best advantage.
Good use of gestures and facial expressions.
Personal presentation/
Appearance needs
more attention: skin,
hair, nails and/or
shoes are untidy or
Neat in appearance.
Skin, hair and nails clean. Shoes need
Well groomed. Neat in appearance. Skin, hair, nails clean. Shoes clean and in good shape. Fresh and well groomed.  Neat in appearance.  Skin, 
hair, nails clean and well cared for. Shoes spotless and in good condition.
Verbal Communication
Interaction with Judges
Able to answer questions with prompting but nervousness prevents further engagement with judges. Basic knowledge of construction
techniques and
garment care.
Limited eye contact and engagement
with judges.
Able to answer questions regarding garment care, fabric content, onstruction techniques. Engages with judges. Makes eye contact. Thorough knowledge of construction techniques, garment care, fabric and fiber content, cost.  Engages confidently with
judges. Makes full eye contact.

Choice of Style

Style very simple. Not
well suited to body
type. Adds little
flexibility to wardrobe.
Nice combination of fabric and trim.  Adds 
some flexibility to wardrobe. Relatively easy skills used.
Suitable balance of
style in relation to
fabric, construction and body type. Provides flexibility in wardrobe.  Difficulty of skills at appropriate level.
Outstanding harmony of style in relation to fabric, trim, construction and pleasing proportion to body type. Provides great flexibility in wardrobe.  Learning skills challenged.  
Fit Garment has fit defects that detract from overall
Garment fit and
ease are mostly
accurate but
needing attention in a few places.
Enhances personal
attributes. Allows for
adequate ease and fit of neck, shoulder,
sleeves, waist, crotch, side seams.
Combination of skills in making attractive,
comfortable and becoming clothing, sized for style and
body type.  Appropriate ease to produce a great fit of neck, shoulder, sleeves, waist, crotch, side seams.
Workmanship as it relates to outside appearance Construction techniques and workmanship detract from garment. Needs better pressing. Construction
techniques show, affecting
appearance and durability. Garment shows wear.
Minor construction
flaws which do not
affect its overall
appearance or
durability of the
garment/item. Clean
and pressed.
Construction will stand up to wear. Construction detail
suited to style and fabric.  Grain line maintained.  Darts and seam lines correctly located. Clean and well pressed.
Coordinated total look Outfit looks incomplete or poor fitting. The relative proportion of various design elements is not cohesive. Outfit suitable for model. Accessories
add little interest to
Outfit compliments the model. Fabric, color and design work well together. Accessories relate well to look of
Outfit looks smart and put together. Fabric texture, trims, findings, color compliment the model.  Accessories enhance overall look of outfit.  
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